I've been a math PhD student at UVA since 2014, with a planned graduation date of May 2022. I am applying to jobs this cycle, both in North America and the EU!

I'm interested in category theory and homotopy theory. In particular, my research involves model categories, simplicial sets, and higher Segal objects.

In 2014, I received my B.A. from Hampshire College where I studied math and physics.

I like to play piano and watch Ozu movies.

My advisor is Julie Bergner.

You can reach me at mylastname at virginia dot edu.


Every 2-Segal space is unital (with Richard Garner, Joachim Kock, May U. Proulx, and Mark Weber). Communications in Contemporary Mathematics 23 (2021), 2050055 arXiv:1905.09580


Generalizing quasi-categories via model structures on simplicial sets. arXiv:2111.06512

A horn-like characterization of the fibrant objects in the minimal model structure on simplicial sets. (In preparation.)

Quasi-2-Segal sets. (In preparation.)