Every 2-Segal space is unital (with Richard Garner, Joachim Kock, May U. Proulx, and Mark Weber). Communications in Contemporary Mathematics 23 (2021), 2050055 arXiv:1905.09580

Current Projects:

  • Constructing a Cisinski model structures on the category of simplicial sets whose fibrant objects are those with special horn extensions, from which we can localize to get a model structure for an "infinity" version of 2-Segal sets. Also, providing a description of the fibrant objects in the minimal Cisinski model structure in terms of a new kind of horn extension.

  • Identifying a simple criterion for when weakly k-excisive simplicial objects (which Walde showed are precisely those which satisfy a higher Segal condition) are k-excisive in the more familiar sense from Goodwillie calculus.